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Show all the products in this web site is in from the international trade sales.To ensure that the product is original quality goods, quality goods only by the stairs from the international trade sales.HAS not directly from this web site to sell products, and will not be guaranteed on the Internet by selling the authenticity of stairs.Customers are welcome to the nearest from the from the international trade to visit the choose and buy.


All the HAS stairs are carefully assembled by hand to ensure excellent performance.HAS international trade will be ready to serve you and provide you with the advice you need.Only HAS international trade to sell stair products, and can independently manage the distribution of goods and sales plan.


HAS reserves the right to make changes to the items on this website at any time.HAS HAS tried to accurately display the appearance and color of the products in this website. The customers view may vary depending on the display screen.


Any addition or replacement of any part or accessory not manufactured by HAS for HAS products and any change, modification or material change made to or in connection with HAS products by a third party without authorization from HAS will be subject to the withdrawal of after-sales service.HAS does not permit unauthorized third parties to make any modifications to HAS products, including texture and graphic elements and any custom requirements (such as painting texture for stair surface).Such modifications may compromise the quality and reliability of HAS products.


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