HAS is with international influence, top industry custom stair design international agencies, originated in Germany, was born in 1895, the products are mainly applied to the early ship, ships, industrial plants, commercial space, such as more than one hundred years of stair design and manufacturing history, the product is simple and modern, the craft is consummate, in 2007, HAS entered China, was set up in songjiang Shanghai sino-german joint venture, for the Chinese market and consumers to provide excellent design and product, opened up Chinas industrial steel ladder.In 2017, HAS cooperated with EESTAIR, another leading company in European stair industry and design. Founded in 1998 by Cornelis van Vlastuin and Dick.

A custom feature staircase can enrich the environment, highlight the status, cause curiosity.With its core values, technology, creativity, craftsmanship, strong will and unparalleled passion for design, HAS pushes boundaries that no one else HAS ever set foot in. The stairs it creates can be called art.

HAS is known for forging close working partnerships, from designers to contractors, end users and retailers, that have produced the most amazing results.As a professional design leader, HAS is committed to intelligent solutions and detailed attention to ensure that each stair tread and railing is tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

HAS HAS a worldwide reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing custom staircases with over 50 design and development teams in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, France, UK, North America and Italy, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and south Pacific partners.It can be implemented whether you choose a custom design, a standard design, or one that HAS collaboratively created.

HAS won many awards for his collaborative works, and HAS been awarded the world number one by Restaurant Magazine for four times.With profound design and craft as the foundation and customized artistic standards as the ruler, HAS customized exclusive stair products for you.Perfect integration of every step of stairs and modern aesthetic concept, modern, comfortable, luxury and cultural temperature.

HAS has the top and bottom staircase design and development team at home and abroad. It adheres to the modern and international design concept, selects the top materials, and uses fine technology to integrate high-tech, intelligent and new materials into each product, so that each staircase is fastened. The cutting-edge aesthetics of the times are unique and indispensable works of art!



Need help designing a unique, personalized staircase?

HAS can design, manufacture, and install your unique, customized staircase to meet your specific needs.Your unique, customized staircase expertise comes from our designers, who explore design boundaries and push back against them when exceptions may occur.

HAS is dedicated to creating your dream staircase, and USES realistic computer visual effects to let you see the possibility of your dream early in the design stage.We like to liberate creativity and innovation without losing practicality and feasibility.You can rest assured that we will make an admirable and charming staircase.


The design is complete, but do you need experts to help you produce it?

Are you an architect, interior designer or contractor looking for a special institution to provide stairs that have already been designed?HAS HAS specialized technology and experience in the production and installation of stairs to ensure high quality products and is a reliable partner.

We are fully aware of the production and installation of the stairs to work quickly to ensure that your project is not delayed, and we offer sincere Suggestions that in order not to ignore your design and budget, we will let you see what you can expect from us at an early stage.In other words, as you would expect from a professional partner, the deal is expensive, but worth it.