2019-11-15 18:20:24

The design of the stairs concerns the appearance level of the whole home
In the compound space, the area under the stairs
Is the best reuse space
Have you ever thought about using the space under the stairs as a work area?
Or a storage area?
Or use it as a bathroom?
Or build a home for your beloved pet?
Today we’re going to take a look at some of these creative ideas under the stairs

Storage space

Be aimed at at the stair of small family model, the space below stair makes store content area is the most appropriate nevertheless, won’t let stair look abrupt already, can make the space looks integral unified again, if store content face plate to do bit of modelling again a little bit, can add a lot of creative fun to the home inside so.

Study area

Use the space below stair to make area of a family study, place bookshelf or desk to use redundant space to read study, the heart returns halcyon one small world, be equal to come out more have a small study!

Recreational area

If the height of the stairwell is high enough, you can take advantage of this small space, design a warm and emotional appeal of the small leisure area, children can play here, adult leisure here chat about life, very romantic.

Wine wine

If the family has the hobby of wine tasting, you can also make use of the small space under the stairs to build a small family wine cabinet, occasionally about a few friends, in their own home chat drinking, think of all feel very good!



If the space below stair inside the home is enough tall, use stair drop to make a small toilet, also be very good, inside such home much a toilet, need not rob toilet convenient much?

Kitchen table

The space below stair still does the good place of open mode kitchen, can make kitchen stage make it one font, hearth, basin of wash gargle, mesa one line is arranged, the space USES compact, measure just right.


If there are small pets in the house, the pets are placed outdoors and wind and rain, as the owner can’t bear it, and the small house has a special pet house and it will take up space. Then the space under the stairs can be used. Give your own creativity and give your pet a lovely and warm home.

There are many ways to use the space under the stairs
Need our heart to find
Find what works best for you
Is the best

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