2019-11-15 18:04:45

Jinan, also known as “quancheng”, is the political, cultural and educational center of shandong province.Shandong peninsula city cluster, core city of jinan metropolitan circle and new first-tier city.Jinan has a large number of springs in the territory, with “72 springs”, known as “spring city”, known as “four lotus three sides willow, a city mountain lake” reputation.In this case, the design of creative art space, there is a taste of back to the future.


What’s the future?Pure color matching and futuristic streamline design give people a sense of foresight. In an ancient city of traditional culture, we add imagination with a new attitude and creative space setting, as well as the function of space and the qualitative and predictive nature of industrial park.

The mission of art is not to imitate nature, but to express nature — Balzac’s artistic sense of ritual space gives people room for thinking.

Immersive space design, but also give people a kind of expectation of the future, looking forward to meet the foreseeable themselves.

The circle and curve are the intellectual and moderate thinking style in this cultural land. On the way to meet the future, imagination is the indispensable fuel. Boldness and determination are the keynote of the development of this city.