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Stair is one of main passageway that connects fluctuation, to us, install above all certain need is put in place, use stair to also need to notice next safety, abide by certain principle, so what is the principle of fluctuation stair?What is stair arrangement design principle?A lot of people may want to know, the following nine is the staircase network to explain for everyone, together to look.


Students usually upstairs and downstairs, all on the right side of the stairs to walk;When students go up and down stairs, it is forbidden to go up and down in reverse.If a student falls down on the stairs, the teachers and students on the scene should signal to the team to stop the procession, treat immediately, do not crowd, trample and leave in an orderly and safe manner in time.

  1. Teachers and students up and down the stairs must rely on the right to walk, not more than parallel.Up and down stairs when people meet, each other modest, low, young students first, after the first.
  2. When students go up and down the stairs together, they should be slow, light, do not run and concentrate their attention. It is strictly prohibited to go up and down in the opposite direction. It is strictly forbidden for students to play, push, heckle, stop suddenly, talk loudly and maliciously disturb the order of the procession, so as to prevent accidents.
  3. When going up and down stairs, if someone falls down, the students nearby should take immediate measures to stop the students behind.
  4. More students up and down the stairs, even if they found their own items fall, should wait until the stairs when less people can pick up.
  5. Do not lean against the banisters of the corridor.>It is absolutely forbidden to sit or slide on the corridor railings and stair handrails.
  6. Students from the class to the playground to participate in group activities (such as class exercises, flag-raising ceremonies, performances, etc.) must be organized by the class teacher, after the line up in the hallway of the class, follow the stairs of the designated school building. When returning, the class teacher must also organize the students to line up and follow the designated stairs to return to the class.
  7. Leaders and teachers randomly check the safety of students in every corridor, corridor, campus playground and other places.Rainy days, emergency evacuation, upstairs and downstairs stairs must follow a unified command and orderly advance and retreat.
  8. Students who fail to perform their duties and lead to safety accidents shall be investigated for the responsibility of those responsible according to the relevant system assessment.

Stair, can let a person fluctuate smoothly namely the channels of two Spaces.It must be reasonable structure design, according to the standard, the stairs each step should be 15 cm tall, 28 cm wide;Designers have a thorough knowledge of the size and master, ability makes the design of stair walks convenience, and what occupy a space least.

The house of double entry structure, stair is indispensable.Stair is in the home “go up” and “go down” a connection between, but not just so, between this go up and go down, what need is safe, convenient.Here I would like to introduce the principles of stair design:

  1. Safety: stair has the function of path indoors, because this is safe, it is first priority.The safety of stair reflects its bearing capacity above all, especially vitreous stair, whether bear family “heavy” especially important;Actually, after stair is installed, take certain prevent slippery measure even.Wooden pedal can choose special anti-slip pad (rubber back pad), or stick metal particles.If it is glass pedal, to stick anti-slip strip, or do frosting treatment;Again, all component of stair should smooth, fruity, did not have outstanding, acuteness part, lest cause harm to the family.
  2. Comfort: if metal is used as a handrail for stairs, it is best to treat the metal surface to prevent cold discomfort in winter.The armrest diameter of stair at the same time is advisable with 5.5 centimeters, because the tiger mouth of the person is 5.5 centimeters commonly, hold up can very comfortable.
  3. Beautiful sex: the style of stair should be identical with the adornment photograph of whole household, if full room is resplent and resplent, only stair is simple and shabby, that became a failure.
  4. Fashionable sex: insipid stair once had fashionable element, also unusual rise.Vogue is human nature returns, in stair design, it had been trying to depart from the classical standard that designs great master and artist make for its, begin to try the individual character confluence with host oneself.
  5. Environmental protection sex: as all furniture is same, stair also volatilizes possibly harmful chemical substance, the footstep of solid wood wants to pass paint working procedure for instance, this is easy to be ignored by the person.When buying stair, want to check whether it is environmental protection material, its production process is environmental protection.The height of stair’s parameter standard stair ceiling (the front end of stair arrives the distance of ceiling) : should 2 meters or so commonly advisable, lowest cannot be less than 1.8 meters, will produce oppressive feeling otherwise.

Distance between railings: the center distance between two railings should not be greater than 12.5 cm, or the child’s head is easy to stick out.

The reasonable height of stair handrail: the position that arrives human body waist, be in commonly 80-110 centimeters between.

The height of stair and depth: the ideal stair height should be 15-21 centimeters, the depth of step plane is 21-27 centimeters, this is the most relaxed and comfortable range when fluctuation stair.The rank number of stair: it is 15 commonly left and right sides.

What is the principle of fluctuation stair above and below and stair decorate the introduction of design principle, believe everybody looked after should be able to have more understanding, content offers everybody reference only, the hope can be helpful to everybody.