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The staircase plays the role of transition and bearing in the whole space
It is the transition zone connecting the upper and lower levels
Creative stair design
Also become the appearance of the space horizontal bear
Can promote the temperament of whole household environment

Decorate not only to enjoy comfortable life, want to be infected by artistic breath more
Although life should have fireworks flavor, but, lack the space of spiritual food
It’s like an empty box. It’s meaningless

Stair footstep: the height of stair footstep and width are decided by the step distance of the person and the length of person leg, the width of footstep should with not less than 24cm advisable, the height of footstep should not be larger than 17.5cm normally.

Stair slope: the common indoor stair slope is 20° ~ 45°, the best slope is about 30°.This is determined by the width and height of the steps.

The width of stair section: generally, the ladder section for single access should not be less than 80cm, and the ladder section for double access should be l00cm-120cm.

Stair handrail height: the height of the stair handrail should normally be 90cm, and the height of the stair handrail on the landing should be 90cm — 110cm.

Wooden stair is a kind of itself warm in winter and cool in summer
Can take care of the residents of the full range of sensory enjoyment
Together with the floor material color easy to build

The wooden staircase can also become one of the frames of the whole space layout
Show different artistic charm
Add receive function on the foundation that makes visual effect
Let stair function more multivariate

Wooden staircases are susceptible to moisture and parts are also prone to deformation
So do not wash with water during daily cleaning
You can spray it with a cleaner and scrub it with a soft cloth
To keep the stairs dry

Wooden stairs also need constant care
Check the connection of each part regularly whether it is loose or eaten by insects
It can be used for a long time

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